Thursday, March 5, 2009

University Living – At Its Finest

Nearly a year ago I introduced you to the student housing at the Olympic village. Nearly 40 years ago, the city built a multi-use, multi-format living space for more than 10,000 athletes. Today, that living space is used by more than 10,000 residents. At the time I shared the story, the student housing was being demolished for more suitable accommodations. You see, the student housing was only 2 floor bungalows, in the midst of 15 story apartment buildings. Each unit was customized by those living there, and you had an amazing mish mash of colors and social commentary on the walls. I have to imagine this was an amazing place to live. Each unit was the ground floor, a bed room upstairs and a terrace. All the alley ways between were only 6 feet across, and I have to imagine it was party central. I had forgotten about these units, Until I saw a few of them placed at Lenbachplatz as part of an exhibit and then saw them posted at the blog Olliinmunich. So party on, Munich!

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