Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Apartment Living in Munich

I have talked a few times about the cost of housing in Munich. It is by far the highest in Germany. A perfect storm of foreign investment, global company headquarters, and blue chip local companies like BMW make the city a hot spot. Combine that with the proximity to the Alps, a warm southern Bavarian climate, and a laid back beer lifestyle; and the pricing goes through the roof. For the last two years, Munich has been building apartments like you wouldn’t believe – thousands of them that line the train tracks outside the Hauptbahnhof. The new version of City living – great modern space, lots of terraces, and easy commute to the center of town. What it’s missing is any sense of community. What it leaves you with is an experience of feeling like you are literally living on top of each other. I caught this man catching a breath of Spring fresh air, amongst the endless satellite dishes. I’m not saying that local cable is bad, but this apartment should give you an indication. We were excluded from the satellite crowd, as we live in a historical building, so we look for other forms of entertainment – such as blogs about expats living abroad. Go figure. J

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