Friday, March 6, 2009

Local Color

This post is about exceptions. Munich and graffiti don’t really seem to go together. You see the locals gasp as a train rolls by with a random tag. They gasp because it doesn’t happen all that often. Munich always seems a bit white washed. But there are a few areas you can find some great graffiti around town. Probably one of the biggest collections is in the Kultfrabric club warehouse area. You can also find a lot of graffiti at the abandoned Munich airport at Riem. And another good spot is tumblingerstrasse, where it crosses the train tracks. Finally, a few other places include the old (sometimes abandoned) structures of the Olympic park, and along the banks of the Isar (like this photo). Apparently, Munich has legalized graffiti at many of these places, taking graffiti from a protest art form to a commercial enterprise bringing their artists international attention. And the results are outstanding, giving artists a new-found freedom and creativity.

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