Saturday, March 21, 2009

Munich’s Italian Costco

Being so close to Italy certainly has its advantages. There’s no shortage of Italian restaurants, you occasionally see a Ferrari or two passing by, and you have some of the best imports in the world. Feinkost Spina, Italian importers, are located out at Euroindustrial park. With more than 7500 different Italian imports, you will find a whole lot of pasta, olive oil, and some of the best wine in the world. In fact, they carry more than 1500 different Italian wines. If that doesn’t’ work, try a little grappa, coffee, or Italian cheeses. For all those Italian lovers, this is almost as good as a jump down to Tuscany. The company has been operating in Munich for more than 30 years. Believe it or not, they accept in goods daily with fresh foods from more than 100 km away. So next time you are out at Euroindustrial park, visiting one of the many warehouse stores, get a bit of culture at this well established Italian Costco.

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AyeletD said...

My hubby and I'll be moving to Munich in July and I can't wait to check this store out. I LOVE the buffalo mozzarella of Italy!

Thanks for your photos--they make me excited for our move!