Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dog Day Afternoon

I came across this (very fast) dog out on the lawn between the Old and the New Pinakotek museums. I’m not sure I would have given the mut much notice, if it wasn’t for the baseball bat swinging owner giving the dog a bit of exercise. He’s would hit the ball out, and the dog would race like crazy to collect the ball. I didn’t ask, but a baseball bat in Munich is about as foreign as a vegetarian at a bratwurst party. So I wondered, did some crazy Americans transport their pastime to Munich. And there happens to be a semi-pro baseball league throughout Germany. Best I can tell is it’s about the level of a decent University ball game in the states. The Munich team is the Ambassadors, and they play on what’s described as the most beautiful field in all of Bavaria on Säbener Strasse in the south end. Founded in 1992 after a Munich local spent a good time in the states and caught the baseball bug. The team has been met with mixed results through the years. The team seems to still be active, but now perhaps they spend their time hitting to the dogs

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randolph34 said...

I need to comment a little on your blog post. Especially on the part about the "moste beautiful field in Bavaria".
Check out the stadium of the Regensburg Legionäre:

They are the reigning National champions and will be the co-host of the Baseball World Cup in September. The stadium is currently upgraded to host up to 10.000 spectators.

I played for the Legionaere in the 90s and still have close relations to my former hometown (and birthplace).