Thursday, March 26, 2009

Party Central

This poster is from an old party, but the club and the party scene apparently live on in Munich. Given Munich’s mild and early to bed/rise personality, it’s hard to believe that locals party hard. But if advertisements are to believed, the party rages on in Munich. Some of the more well known clubs in Munich include the P1, which was made legendary as a club for US-American Army officers after WWII, and is now one of the most popular nightclubs in Munich. It also happens to be located next to the Haus der Kunst. Other popular night clubs include the Atomic Café, one of the few located in the center, which is very popular among students; as well as M-Park, a huge club on Lansbergerstrasse with 4000+ sq meters, each room with a different music style from house to Salsa. Also of note is Backstage, focused primarily on rockers as a standard concert venue. And finally, you have the Q-Club (as seen in the posters), which is the largest club in the party zone of Kultfabrik (which claims to be the largest party zone in Europe - near the Ostbahnhof). The Q-Club has nine lunges, nine bars, and two galleries.


Anonymous said...

Ooh God, I used to go to the P1....loved it!

siying said...


I have been reading your blog and have enjoyed them thinking that one day I will be in Munich.

And to realise, I am really going to Munich this June (11June for 4, 5 days)!

Which makes me have a few questions wanting to ask you. Regarding your
Wednesday November 12 2008 post, is the place in the photo where BMW Museum is? Is their office/factory at the same location too?

Regarding your post on renting a bike through, I have problems trying to register myself as a customer on the website as other than a "English Summary" site, I couldnt read the other information thats in German, let alone able to register.
Also I am wondering how do I pay for the services, and how do I indicate I will be using the daily rate of 9 Euro rather than the minute rate ?

Thanks so much and I enjoy your blog :)

Si ying, singapore

Troy said...

Hello Si Ying,
I'm afraid I will not be a lot of help on these rent a bikes. I've seen them around all over the place, but when it comes to renting (which I've done quite a bit), I always go with Radius Tours & Bike Rental, which is located at the central station. You can rent for approx 15 for all day, or 45 for the week. They are super nice, and from the central station you can get anywhere within the Second Ring Road within about 20-30 min. The Central Station is close to us, we tried it before we moved to Munich, and came back 20 times until we bought our own. In terms of BMW, you want BMW world, which is their showroom (free) and their museum across the street. I hope you enjoy your trip to Munich. June is a great time to be here. My top picks for riding would be English Gardens, Olympic Park, and along the Isar.