Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lap of Luxury

Only a stone’s throw away from the central station are some of the most plush new apartments around town. The Wohngebäude is the heart of a new residential/business complex that raised the bar for central Munich living. Flanked by the offices of Conte Nast, the five-star Charles Hotel, and the historical Park Café; the apartment complex caters to those who want to be central, but with all the luxury of some of the top communities in the city. Construction on the units just completed this past year. Designed by the same firm that developed the World Exposition in Berlin in 1957. On one side of the apartments, you will find the old botanical gardens, and on the other you will find the Saint Boniface abbey and Benedictine church. The church was founded by Kind Ludwig I, who is also entombed there. Apparently, it’s quite rare for an Benedictine monastery to be situated in the city, but apparently Kind Ludwig I bought the former abbey to ensure the monks would be close to him at the residence.

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