Sunday, March 8, 2009

Can Do - Condensed Living

Over the past decade Munich has accumulated some of the highest property costs in Germany. The German Institute of town planners recently reported that the average cost of a house in Munich is €379,800. This compares with an average price of €249,300 in Berlin and €235,100 in Hamburg. So what started out in 2001 as student project at TUM (90,000 students, but only 10,000 rooms) the Technical University of Munich, may have a lot more relevance in today’s economy. The m-ch or micro-compact homes at the edge of the English Garden are built as a 2.65m (that’s right – less than 9 feet) cube and are all solar and wind powered, and constructed of timber and aluminum. Leveraging a wealth of automotive research and European as well as Japanese prefabrication methods, they have been described as a space saving wonder. All units feature all the necessary living elements: kitchen, sleeping, washing and even entertainment zones with a spot of high technology including broadband, and plasma screen. The units were so popular that the students who signed up for the first semester, requested to stay the rest of the year in the units. They are still used today, and mark a stark and fun contrast next to the open fields of the English Garden.

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Snapper said...

I have a bit of a tiny house fetish and remember reading about these when they were first built. Great to see them still in use. Your photo really captures their understated elegance.