Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Swing Kids

So I don’t have any deep story to tell about Munich here. In the end, I just liked the energy from the kids in the photo – both in full swing while in perfect Unison with the supporting post. Most of all, I like the big grin. Note that in the US, such a play structure would never survive in the lawsuit happy culture. But in Munich, anything goes. I guess this is my opportunity to put in a plug for the Munich parks. Most people think of the tremendous English Gardens here, but Munich is actually surrounded with parks and forest land. Worth mentioning is the fact that Munich is flanked by the East and West Park, both very modern versions with endless grass, open play areas, and great beer gardens. Also worth mentioning is Luitpold park, where I’m told has the best sledding of the Munich parks.

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Anonymous said...

"lawsuit happy culture"....HaHahaha...that is sooo true. You mentioned the parks as well...(sigh)..now I miss Munich even more. v