Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wall Flowers

Ladies in waiting, I suppose. Three women wait anxiously along a busy corridor, as men in the section above look on. It’s a matter of the men watching the women, who are watching the passing men. Such is life at Octoberfest. So I thought I would take this opportunity to explain the whole dirndl thing. Dirndls are traditional Bavarian and Austrian outfits, that have become a fixture of Octoberfest. Ironically, it was originally a uniform for peasants or as a folk costume, but today a dirndl can be worn as formal attire in Munich. Generally the colors are rich and dark, but a whole new line of popular designs are quickly changing that – with brightly colored and ornamented trim, or revealing cleavage or high skirts. These three have a more traditional style, which often is an indication of being local. Either way, I like the image of women in waiting in the ultra-aggressive German Octoberfest settings. Like many things in Munich, quit a contrast.

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