Thursday, September 4, 2008

Neighborhood Living Room

Four days ago I showed you a defaced May Pole. This one is in perfect shape. 15 days ago, I showed you a gateway to Italy. This street lies on a gateway of its own – this time to Vienna. The place (or platz) is Wiener platz, and it’s one of the nicer squares in Munich. Surrounded by the great and diverse neighborhood of Haidhausen, the Wiener Platz was named in 1891 after the Innere Wiener Street, which was the original road to Vienna. Even though it is Munich’s smallest permanent grocery market, it was bombarded during WWII, but then painstakenly reconstructed. It’s latest re-generation ended in 2002, and it’s now the jewell of Haidhausen. The Maypole, which was provided by the “friends of Haidhausen, was added a year later and clearly showed the central significance of the square.


Louis la Vache said...

What horrors fell upon Europe - and the rest of the world as well - in World War II. It's nice to see that this platz restored.

headbang8 said...

Wiener Platz is exquisite, isn't it? Often used as a set for filming period TV shows and movies, by the way.