Thursday, September 18, 2008

The People's Pool

One of the most attractive pools I’ve ever seen is based on the side of the Isar River. The Volksbad, or people’s pool, is an amazing mix of Moorish, Roman, Art Nouveau and South German Baroque buildings – all in one. And did I mention, it’s great for swimming too. The building opened in 1901, thanks to the donation of Carl Mueller, a Munich engineer, whose only stipulation was that the city of Munich builds an attractive swimming pool. And the city did just that, as it’s been called “grandest baths in Germany” Inside, you will find a Gentleman’s Pool as well as a Ladies pool, a Finnish Sauna, steam baths and at one time there was even a doggy bath, which unfortunately disappeared during the last renovation.

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FX said...

You are absolutely right about the pool !!!
I also mentioned this great pool in my munich blog.
All my friends coming from abroad, have to go there with me ... and they all fall in love with this pool.