Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fritty Woman

Why be pretty when you can be fritty. This is a small fast food joint in the Kultfabrik area of Munich, self proclaimed SUPER party zone. Said to be one of the largest in Europe, with a maze of bars, clubs, skate parks, cinema, game halls, climbing walls, flea markets and concert halls. I have not seen the area at night, but I understand it’s “off the hinges” The entire warehouse area, located near the Ostbahnhof, was at one time a huge noodle factory. But when the factory closed, some creative marketers turned it into a little something for everyone.


babooshka said...

That's how it should be, alittle something for every night owl. Wonderful sign too.

Hilda said...

Eek! Hahahaha! I hate puns! No, make that, I love to hate puns!

I should take pics of some of the business names here in Manila. A pun lover would have a field day here! ;D