Sunday, September 14, 2008

Spanish Tales

So often I end up capturing photos because they represent some sort of cultural difference I find interesting, but other times I end up with shots that show an interesting perspective of Munich. In the end, I just like the colors in this photo and the way the shadow of the tree is almost transparent. Of course, the famous Spanish fictional character had nothing to do with Munich. In fact, you could say that the quixotic characteristic of doing noble things in an absurd way, or the desire to perform acts of chivalry in a radically impractical manner, is very un-German like (even in Munich). Well, if you get the chance to visit this restaurant, it seems to get good reviews (and not just for its beautiful walls). It is one of Munich’s oldest Spanish restaurants, standing next to the English Garden since 1965, and it said to offer traditional Spanish cooking without anything fashionable. I guess that means good food at low prices.

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