Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Barrels of Love

I wandered through the Viktalienmarkt, and as usual I was drawn to the Italian deli with its amazing selection of olives. The market, located just outside of Marienplatz, covers 22,000m and as more than 140 stalls and shops selling flowers, exotic fruit, poultry, meat, and fresh juices. I am told that despite its wonderful food, very few of the items are grown by the sellers there. Look for the hand-drawn signs that have the word “eigene” for those harvested by the stall workers. The word Viktualien, which throws most Americans off, comes from the Latin word for food, and is managed by the same city organization that manages the Elisabethmarkt, Pasing Viktualienmarkt, Wiener Markt.

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Tash said...

This is so incredible. I've never soon so many beautifully displayed barrels.