Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tent Teasers

So as I am told…there is a large group of Fest-crashers (mostly women dressed in revealing dirndls) who scour the tents looking for opportunities to squat at people’s tables. Why is that important? Because you can’t order beer (or food for that matter) unless you are at a table. And quite often, they end up at tables with older men who are so pleased to have the company that they buy beer for the tent teasers throughout the night. It becomes a bit of a game to see if they can 1. Get a seat at the table and 2. Get free beer along the way. The photo, as it turns out, shows one example – as over the course of the night 3 of the four tables our company bought had been taken over by strangers, and this woman was seen with at least 5 of the men in our party. I suppose in the midst of the party and the madness of Octoberfest, it seems like a small infraction.

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