Sunday, September 7, 2008

Clay Court(ship)

Well as the most famous hard court tennis tournament, the US Open, comes to a close this weekend, there’s an interesting contrast with the love for clay courts across Europe. I have come across 10 or so tennis clubs in Munich, and I have yet to see a hard court, or a grass one for that matter. Munich’s only ATP Tournament, the BMW Open played in April, is of course played on clay. In fact it is one of 10 clay court European tournaments leading up to the French Open. The US has only one tournament during this same time period, which has led to criticism from some of the top US players in the game. They claim that the lack of a tennis tour in the US is why the US continues to struggle in Grand Slam tournaments. I’m not sure why the love for clay in Munich, and in the broader continent; but it’s great to contrast the two styles.

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