Friday, September 12, 2008

The Main Drag

This view looking down one of the four royal roads, Ludwigstrasse, looks much like it did back in this mural from 1842 – with the exception of the cars & lights. You see the Theatre church to the right, the grand arches of the Feldhernhall, and the Rathaus in the distance. Royal indeed. This photo is taken just beyond the Ludwigskirche, the Universty’s Catholic Parish. The dual steples are built in Romanesque architecture, marking the transition from the Italian renaissance buildings leading all the way to Odeonsplatz. The Ludwigskirche also has the worlds largest fre co of the Last Judgment, measuring 62 ft in height by 38 ft in width. Unfortunately, the façade of the church has been a bit neglected – looking today like it could use a good white washing. Passers by catch a glance of the great church as they stop at the red light along the royal road

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