Thursday, September 11, 2008

All in the Family

The Ancestral Gallery or Ahnengalerie in the Munich Residence not only walks you through Bavarian history, it also illustrates how the Wittlesbach family uses wide-ranging connections of marriage as a means of emphasizing the court’s importance, power and dynasty. Walking through this beautiful hall, is like walking through Bavarian history. Perhaps the most amazing thing about the Munich Residence is how painstakingly it was rebuilt after the war. 23,000 Sq meters was reduced to 50 during the allied bombing. The first sections of the Residence was opened in 1958, and other main sections have been re-appearing ever since. It’s safe to say that there are still areas of the enormous chateau that have yet to be seen since WWII.


Pastor St. John said...

Thank you for your very nice photos and information about Munich. I am a Munich fan, largely because my daughter and her family live there, and I have visited a few times. I even have a Munich fan website, with a link to your Blog.

I will read your blog regularly!

HZDP said...

Nice shot!
although I never dropped you any words,but I do read your blog , I think this one is marvelous, truely beautiful.
Super blog, keep it up!!

Tash said...

Very beautiful place & gorgeous photo. We visited there almost 20 yrs ago now & it's a nice reminder.