Friday, May 15, 2009

A Splish & A Splash

I have to say that one of the best things about living in Munich are the amazing swimming pools. Growing up in the US, pools were quite one dimensional – think of a box with water in them. Yet the pools in Munich are like water wonderlands. Most facilities have approximately 5 different pools, one for babies, another for those just learning to swim, one with a river current, one for swimming laps, and another as a hot tub. I profiled the art nouveau Volksbad a few weeks ago, and every time I arrive at a new pool, I’m amazed at how well they are built. Pictured, you have the Dante bad, an outdoor complex that reopened last year after several years of renovation. There are two kids pools, water slides, one for diving, and even one for nudists (which Munich is full of – by the way.) Some people say it’s even better during the Winter when outdoor pools are warmed to 30 degrees. After having visited the Nord, Volks, West, and Dante – I’ve been blown away by all of them. Many of the outdoor facilities, you can arrive in the morning, spread out your towel, and stay all day long. Swim, sleep, whatever you like.

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