Saturday, May 16, 2009

Munich Daydreams

What should we daydream about today? Perhaps it’s an ice cold Weissbeer at one of the hundreds (perhaps thousands) of beer gardens throughout town. Maybe it’s a long bike ride along the Isar river, to the point where you seamlessly blend from city to forrest. How about a short drive up to Garmish or one of the many Alpine villages nearby for a hike on trails that were only a month ago covered with snow. Not your speed, then think about trying one of the local pools and instead of taking a dip stop by the spa for a message and some quiet time. Then meet a friend at one of the many outdoor cafés in Munich for a bite and great conversation. What do you think she is daydreaming about? I came across her on the Isar near the Deutsches Museum and it certainly made me wonder. Spring has arrived in Munich, and the possibilities are endless.

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