Friday, May 8, 2009

Bavarian Revolutionary

If this looks like the outline of a dead body, it’s because it’s a monument commemorating exactly that. This is the location where Kurt Eisner was murdered on Novemeber 8, 1918, just around the corner from the Bayershirhof Hotel on Kardinal-Faulhaber Strasse. Karl Eisner was a Bavarian Politician and journalist who organized the Socialist Revolution, which overthrew the Wittlesbach monarchy in Bavaira. Eisner was no stranger to confrontation, having been convicted of treason at the height of World War I for inciting a strike of munitions workers. He spent 9 months in Munich’s largest prison (to this day) – Stadelheim, which is in Munich’s Giesing district- 3 miles South East of the city center. Once released, he declared Bavaria a free state and incited the German revolution.

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