Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Night Out on the Town

We spent the evening out and came across a restaurant that completely blew us away. The only reason we noticed it is that we went to Killian’s Irish Pub at the back side of the Frauenkirche, just blocks off of Marienplatz. It’s kind of a hole in the wall, as it’s in the cellar next to the Austrailian Bar, but it’s fun and often has live music. And oh yeah, it happens to be an English speaking oasis. Well, they’ve brought tables/chairs into the courtyard because of the good weather, and we enjoyed a good pint or two outside. Just next to Killian’s is a restaurant called Guido al Duomo. Now I made a point when I started this blog that I WOULD NOT endorse restaurants. But this one was so surprising – one for the incredible seafood, two for the fantastic staff, and three for the host who also manages the wine shop next door. Whatever you do. Don’t let him talk you into a 60 euro bottle of wine. There’s an amazing amount of good wine around town that can be had on the cheap. But definitely take his advice on food, as the specials are often amazing.

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