Sunday, May 10, 2009


Although I’ve seen a lot of accolades for the DB rent a bike and generally I think it’s a great concept – they are kind of dumpy bikes. They are described as high tech, but in the end they don’t look all that appealing and I hear of issues with how they run. Contrast that with the cool Velib program that runs through many of the cities in France and has literally transformed them into bike-friendly meccas. I think Deutche Bahn, which runs the program, just needs to put a little coolness into their fleet. Afterall, 15% of journeys within the city of Munich are done by bicycle. That is nowhere near Amsterdam’s 40%, but it is high compared to other German cities. I have a bike of my own, and before that I’ve liked the convenience of picking up rentals from the central station. Let me know if you have tried them. I’d rather get some direct feedback from real riders. If you are seeking any information on how they work, take a look at this site.

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siying said...

Oh I will be interested to know what the rest think about since I am pretty interested in trying this when I am in Munich next month. In Singapore we dont really use bicycles as part of our journeys though ;) its more of cycling in parks that we do..I supposed DB's rental of bikes is the only (?) and most common/convenient in Munich?