Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Mighty King Triton

In the picturesque Nymphenburg gardens, you will find a collection of Mythical statues that add to the Italian garden’s epic appearance. The Greek messenger of the sea is usually represented as a merman, although this statue shows him in human form. Much like his mythical home, Triton lived in a beautiful garden setting under the sea. Although stories conflict on the actual location of Triton’s home under the sea (most believe off the coast of Lybia), they are consistent on his family order. He was the father of the goddesses Pallas and foster parent of Athena, the goddess of heroic endeavor - who became the patron of Athens where they built the Parthenon to worship her. Back in Munich with this Triton, the 500 acre park is quite a place to explore this time of year – either for the Rococo palace built in the 1600s as a summer residence or for the multiple pavilions that line the park.

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Christopher Raun Leth said...

A great shot of this statue.