Thursday, May 21, 2009

King for the Day

May 21st in Germany is not only Ascension Thursday, it’s also Father’s Day. So father’s throughout Deutschland were treated like kings – even if only for the day. In general, Father’s Day is celebrated with family activities, and this one was no different. This father spent his holiday at the Hirschau beergarden in the English Garden. In Germany, and in Munich in particular – they’ve really figured something out, and that is beer gardens. Hirschau (which is a fantastic beer garden with much fewer tourist than the more popular See Haus) for example, has a wonderful play park for the kids that is situated right next to the beer garden with really only one entrance & exit. Much like the French have figured out bread, cheese, and wine; in Munich they’ve figured out fried food, amazing amounts of beer, and the casual dining experience with kids that we’ve come to know and love.


me said...

I remember one day of my visit to Munich, which involved hiring bikes & riding between the Hofbrau, Chinese Tower, and Hirschau beer gardens in the English Garden.

I agree - Germany does beer gardens better than anyone.

Jim said...

I basically spent every day in the Englischer Garten when I was growing up in Lehel. I truly miss this park, especially since the Mojave Desert can't provide even anything remotely similar for obvious reasons.

I remember many outings to the Hirschau, enjoying Steckerlfisch and freshly baked Brez'n with a Mass Bier, Radler or Spezi.