Saturday, May 30, 2009

Flower Power Comes to Munich

Although there seems to be some believability to Munich locals dancing around naked (they do anyway in parks around town – as I noted a week back) on a deserted farm pasture in celebration to the 40 year anniversary to Woodstock, somehow I don’t see it happening. When I heard about the 40th anniversary, I was a bit surprised to hear that the week-long concert series was happening in the Olympic center Ice arena. Having skated at the arena and watched games by the Munich Ice Hockey team, I don’t see it being quite the same celebration. With that said, they have a long line up of bands to celebrate the 40 year anniversary of the “3 days of Peace, Love & Music.” I’m afraid this is one time that Munich is being shown up by Berlin, as the country’s capital is planning a concert at Berlin’s Templehof airport (recently de-commissioned) in August with 200-300,000 attendees. Michael Lang (now 65), the founding producer of the original Woodstock is contracting to Media Consulta to promote the event in Germany. Several bands that played the original Woodstock festival are expected in Berlin, including Santana, The Who, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, and the Grateful Dead. Yeah…The Olympic Ice Arena wont quite cut it. Oh well, if that doesn’t work for you there are two additional music festivals this weekend at the Olympic Park – the Spring on Festival – focused on Germany’s diverse rock, punk and hiphop artists - and the Theatron Festival – focused on highlighting local talents in the International rock scene.

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