Saturday, May 2, 2009

Alice in Jogoli Land

Just beyond the Ostbahnhof is an indoor/outdoor play area for kids that is simply fantastic – Jogoli’s Fantastic Kinderworld. We showed up at 11 am on a Sunday and we seemed to be the only ones there. They have all the usual suspects for kids – ball room, three floors of climbing structure, lots of toys to play with, and plenty of hands-on games. We have been to others around town, like Lollihop which is much more extensive, but this was great as there was only one way in/out; so you could drop off your kids and let them run wild. They even have a business lounge with wireless access so you can do a post or two while you are watching the kids through their multiple video surveillance system. This particular spot includes a castle, a pool, and an Alice in Wonderland theme area. If you’re not toting around kids, then try The Beach, a bar that has multiple beach volleyball courts.

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