Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Joy Ride

If you have to go, go in style. This photo shows some of the everyday contrast within Munich. Some people choose to drive, others choose to ride. Some people choose the company car, and others choose to splurge. One interesting point of contrast with the US. Much of the car “status” from the US doesn’t exist in many places in Europe (present photo excepted, of course). In the US, there is so much tied up into which car you drive. Everyone worries about the image their car portrays. When we were in Paris, there was very little value around the car you drive. If there was any status, it was around having a small car, so Minis and Smart Cars were quite popular. In addition, most people in the city take public transit. In Munich, an overwhelming number of people have company cars, and those are generally German made – BMW, Volkswagen, Audi or Mercedes. So these luxury cars become the great equalizer in Munich. Think of that…a Mercedes as common as a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry.

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