Thursday, August 28, 2008

Facing A Dark Past

We’ve talked many times here about the conflicting personalities of Germans, and Bavarians alike. An exhibit at the Alte Pinakothek looks at this contrast by depicting the social elite of the 19th century. Unlike the celebratory paintings of the French during this time – colorful scenes by the lake side, lunch at the boat house, etc – this particular exhibit shows a very dark view of this time in Germany. Aptly called “A hell of Sociability,” the exhibit profiles the “petty bourgeois idylls, cosy country life, and merry making of wine drinkers – which are so far removed from the harsh reality or the cosmopolitan flair of French Impressionists.” This photo was actually not part of the exhibit, but rather in front of the Alte Pinakothek museum, and seemed to fit the mood of the exhibit. You can find all 20 or so of the exhibits here.

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