Saturday, August 2, 2008

Here's Looking at You, Kid

A couple “strikes a pose” in front of the historic Lenbach house and its tranquil garden escape. The building is an Italian villa right in the middle of the Maxvorstadt neighborhood, and it’s an appropriate pose as the building is used as an art gallery. The exterior of the building is quite impressive, but the interior may be even better because at any time there may be up to 10 different exhibits showing at any given time. The common theme is modern art, but that leaves a lot of ground to work with. Currently, for example, there are several collections of abstract painting, a video collection of urban art, an exhibit focused on Secession, and the premier of the movie “1972”, the Sarah Morris documentary of the Munich Massacre at the Olympic Games, and the botched attempts by local law enforcement during the crisis.


Kris said...

He looks rather keen on her!

Eve in Munich said...

Hi Troy, this is my all time favorite museum in Munich. I have always been a Kandinsky fan und there is a great collection here of his paintings and those of the others in the "Blue Rider" group. Have a nice Sunday, Eve