Saturday, August 30, 2008

Grayed May Pole

As you likely know, it’s a Bavarian tradition to set up May Poles in Bavaria. This is the scene generally of great celebration, pageantry, and community work to erect the poles; and Munich likely has 20-30 of them around town. Despite this May pole being launched with much fanfare, it was vandalized a week later. The May pole was themed with gay symbols, rather than those of various work groups. It was the city’s first Gay themed May pole. Officials said they were not certain if the act was one against gays or simply a youth prank. At the time, it was unclear whether artists Robert Rore and Michael Borio would re paint the themes. It's been a while so let me know if anyone has any updates.

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headbang8 said...

Where is it, exactly, in the GBV? I've not heard of it.