Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friendly Neighborhood/Funny Name

Not many people outside of Munich know about Au. It’s a residential district just as the Wittelsbacher bridge crosses the Isar River from the Altstadt. Its original name, Awe ze Gysingen, means “Land on Water. It was incorporated into Munich in 1854, but has history as a municipality back to 1340. Its access to the parks lining the Isar make it a desirable area of town. A few interesting tid-bits about the neighborhood. It holds the largest annual market in Munich, the Auer Dult three times per year. Hans-Georg Schwarzenbeck, a 1974 World Cup champion has operated a stationery shop in Au for over 20 years. Given its position along the Isar, more than half of the homes in Au were destroyed during WWII (allied aerial troops used the Isar River as a guide at night before turning off to target the Altstadt). It also houses the Deutches Museum and the Paulaner brewery. Long known as a hub for craftsmen, smallmanufacturing, workers and Tagelöhner at the edge of the city, today it houses a more cosmopolitan crowd with more than 25% of the district as Foreigners.

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