Sunday, August 10, 2008

House of Kunst or Contrast

Built as the third Reich’s first monumental propaganda building, the Haus der Kunst or House of German Art has gone from showcasing Germany’s “approved” art, to some of the most outlandish and extreme modern art of our time. From its opening exhibition, it was used to condemn modern art and show the “proper” type of art, which was very traditional. The buildings original purpose can still be seen by the swastika-motif mosaics, and the large donor sign, which has some of Germany’s most well known companies – including BMW, Volkswagan and Siemens. After the war, the museum began showcasing works from Munich’s art galleries that had been destroyed during the war – and it’s has kept that Savoir Faire attitude ever since – as seen here from the exhibits by British contemporary society photographer, Martin Parr and American artist Robert Rauschenberg. Today, the museum even houses a nightclub called P1, Munich’s famous high-society hang out. The folks at Toytown say they can’t vouch for the club, because they’ve never even been able to get in.

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