Friday, August 22, 2008

Homes Without Neighborhoods

In what’s being described as a new model for city living, more than 17,000 new homes are being built in an 8 kilometer stretch along the train tracks between the central train station and Nymphenburg/Laim. Apartment building after apartment building are taking over where rails and train containers once ruled the land. On the surface, what’s not to like – deluxe apartments a stone throw away from the center of town and built literally on top of great transportation. And the development has resulted in great additions like the Sportpark, but there still seems to be something missing. What they forget is that every community needs a center –whether that be for shopping or gathering or practicing religion. And none of that exists – for the 17,000 homes and possibly 40,000 people who will live in this area. It results into a commuter lifestyle, that unfortunately has been described as without a soul.

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