Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Altstadt Arrests

Well they aren’t exactly arrests. So before you start hearing “Bad boys, bad boys, what cha going to do…what cha going to do when they come for you” (that is the theme of the early popular reality TV show “COPS") know that the local Munich Police are really cracking down on bicyclist through the old town. That means walk your bike through those pedestrian ways. I suppose everything is relative. Munich has its share of crime, but it’s been classified as (for lack of a better term) a “Toytown.” That was the thinking and the context for one of the most popular websites in Munich – an English speaking community site. The original portal was created with the emphasis that Munich is like no other place it the world - no real crime, pristine streets. Not sure I buy all that, but it is generally quite safe.

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headbang8 said...

Cool pic. And I'll be more careful in the Altstadt.

Though I am a little skeptical of Munich police "crackdowns". The crackdown on the Eisbach surfers lasted about a minute and a half!