Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun at the Getränkemarkt

With only one month before the annual Octoberfest kicks off, I thought we should warm up with a trip to the local drink market. Whether you are a beer enthusiast or not, going to the drink market can be a Munich cultural experience in itself. First of all, it’s not like buying beer in the US, where you pick it up at the supermarket. This is not one-stop shopping. Getranke Markets offer only drinks, and almost all of it beer. They are in every neighborhood in Munich, and they are often packed and overflowing with beer. The photo shows some of the big names around Munich, but you will also find quite a few obscure local breweries. I make a habit of going in with my granny cart, and picking 1-2 of just about everything I can find. It's amazing because each of these huge beers are generally about 70 cents. It’s a great way to experiment and learn more about the local brews. By now, the owners love it, and often throw in one or two extras for me.


pmmenneg said...

Where in Maxvorstadt did you take this photo? Moving to this neighbourhood in a week, so excited to know there are local shops that will cater to the beer fan (like me).

Keep up the great work!

Troy said...

Acutally, this photo was taken in my kitchen. I have this habit of showing off all of my purchases at the drink market when I return. But to address your question, there is a good drink market called Getranke Oasis on Gabelsbergerstrasse just off Augusten strasse. I can provide all kinds of advice on the neighborhood. Just let me know where you are landing. I'm constantly amazed the International cuisine near by. On the block around the corner, there is one Mexican restaurnat, two Japanese, one cuban, two German, and a couple cafes that serve International collections.

pmmenneg said...