Thursday, July 31, 2008

Swan Song

In the middle of the English Garden at the Chinese Tower, is not only one of the city’s largest beer gardens – but in true Munich form a great playpark and one of the best carousels I’ve ever seen (even after living for 3 years in Paris where they know their carousels). A children’s carousel was first created there in 1823, but by 1912 a replacement was needed – and this is the version that is used today. It was designed by a sculptor from Swhabing named Joseph Erlacher and the decoration painter August Julier. Alongside the usual horses, the carousel has less expected creatures to ride, such as an ibex, stork, flamingo, and this Swan. Its wooden roof and pillars were restored from 1979 to 1980.


Kelly said...

Charming! I love the patina on this swan! How many happy children has it taken over the years to transform it from a mere carousel animal into something magical?

the Amateur Book Blogger said...

Do you know anything more about the creator and the painter? Doing some research for work of fiction. Thanks. TP.