Friday, July 11, 2008

Dantebad, Bad, Oh So Bad.

Munich locals love the new refurbished Dantebad swimming pool in Nymphenberg/Gern, possibly too much. As the temperature stretched over 90 degrees, it felt like all of Munich was there. And for good reason, after a 5 million euro refit that includes a multi-level toddler’s pool (pictured), a large waterslide in the paddling pool, a true swimming (laps) pool, and even a nudist area (which seems like the only rule that orderly Germans don’t mind breaking). I’ve said before that I believe Munich does swimming pools better than just about any city I’ve ever been to. You’re unfortunately going to have to share them though.

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Kelly said...

It does look crowded. The idea of a nudist area makes me laugh. I had been prepared for widespread nudity. But then, I remember the only nudists I used to see in Munich were generally people I really didn't want to see nude anyway, so it is nice they are set apart!