Sunday, July 6, 2008

Study the Classics

There’s always something interesting going on around Konigsplatz in the Maxvorstadt neighborhood of Munich. I like this photo because it shows a student from the nearby universities studying at the steps of the Konigsplatz monument with classic Ionic columns. I thought it was an interesting photo before I noticed her 1980’s versions of Vans shoes she’s wearing. Yes, Spicoli in the 80’s iconic movie “Fast Times” wore the same shoes. In the background is all the equipment for a photo shoot. Not sure what it was for, but the model was posed on all fours looking quite animalistic when I walked by. So today, I passed by the exact same spot and there was another photo shoot going on at the fountain across the street, this time several women in bathing suits. Sorry…I forgot my camera today for that one.

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