Thursday, July 24, 2008

Recent Munich Moments

Munich Pop History Day 8.5. So this completes our look in 850 years of Munich history. There were so many items that were not mentioned in Munich history, which are quite visible today in Munich. Here are a few recent items… The 1981 opening of the Neue Pnakothek museum. The 1992 opening of the new Munich Airport growing to the 7th busiest in Europe with 34 million passengers per year. The 500th anniversary of the Frauenkirche in 1994. The 2006 World Cup football championship in Germany and the Allianz Arena (pictured here) which changes color based upon which team is playing… And now enough with the past. On to the future. I saw in the local Munich paper yesterday that most of the seats for this year’s Octoberfest (starting in just 2 months) are already reserved. So make your reservations today!

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