Sunday, July 27, 2008

Riding Through the Isar

I have mentioned several times before that Munich is one of the best bike riding cities in the world. One of the biggest reasons is the more than 800 KM of cycling paths, and get this – bikers not only have the right away – but drivers respect that right to bikers. It’s safe and amazing. There are points where you can ride from the heart of the city along the Isar, and make it all the way to the forrest in the North or South, without ever stopping for cars. This picture was taken from Zweibrukenstrasse with the Isartor or Isar Gate in the distance. The Isartor is part of the original wall that surrounded Munich, and is one of three gates that remain, including Sendlinger & Karlstor. The Isartor tower was build in 1337 and was the main thoroughfare towards the Isar River. It was recreated to show the dimensions and appearance of the original structure and today accommodates the Valetin Museum.

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when my fiance & I visited Munich last year, the most fun we had was hiring bikes on a Sunday & riding along the Isar to the Englischer Garten. It's a weird feeling being on a bike & having cars respect you - especially considering that in Australia bike riders are way down the chain of things to give-way to on roads!