Monday, July 28, 2008

Spaten Brau

After all that bike riding around the 800 KM of bike trails (from yesterday’s post), it’s time to catch a cold beverage from Spaten (shovel) brew. In this case, many kegs of Spaten brew. Know that this scene is enough to bring tears of joy to most Munich residents. The Spaten brewery is well rooted in Munich’s history, with more than 600 years of brewing tradition in the Maxvorstadt neighborhood. But things have certainly changed, because only one of the Munich breweries are still independent – that being Augustiner Beer. Spaten Beer is actually part of a group of high profile Munich brands, including Franziskaner and Lowenbrau. Ironically in the world of consolidation, they all seemed to be owned by in bev, the same Belguim brewing conglomerate that recently purchased Anheuser Busch – now the largest brewer in the world.

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