Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Real Men Eat Weißwurst

I love this photo for the boy on his tractor and the father walking behind him to the butcher to pick up their Weißwurst. Many Americans may not know the significance of the white sausage, but it brings quite a bit of history and bravado with it. When served with a pretzel, mustard, and of course a Weissbeer, it is said to be the cure for a hangover. My hunch is that it’s the beer that kills the hangover, while people in Munich (by in large men) just like the taste of Weißwurst and pretzel. This myth is only one of many that (I care to share here) have been constructed during its 150 year history in Munich. Now you will be hard pressed to find ANY pub or beergarden that doesn’t serve it as the Munich delicacy.

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Kelly said...

Oh, and a pretzel! I need to find a pretzel to have with my beer! ; )