Saturday, June 21, 2008

Augustiner Man

I love this image as it mixes Munich’s love for beer with the MAN truck line, which somehow makes an appropriate pairing. I am told that Augustiner Brewery is the last of the family run breweries in Munich. All others are managed by large conglomerates. One thing I can’t figure out is what the relationship is between the breweries and the restaurants or beer gardens that server their beer – is it sponsorship, partnership, or ownership. Let us know, if you know how this works in Munich.


headbang8 said...

It's kind of like the pub-brewery relationship in the UK. Taps and brew kit are expensive, so the brewery underwrites it in exchange for exclusive rights to supply the pub's beer.

The Outlander Bar in Haidhausen is an Australian bar, serving kangaroo and crocodile and whatnot. They have an exclusive deal with Paulaner, and had to get special dispensation to sell Foster's. Which is silly, because no Australian in his right mind drinks the stuff.

Eve in Munich said...

Hi Troy, with beer gardens it is definitely "franchise" and with restaurants I think you could call it a business aggreement on special terms. I love the foto. Beer - Men - perfect. But I love german beer too - just can´t handle too much of it. I usually sip on my husbands "Mass". Eve