Saturday, June 7, 2008

Europe is Ready…Euro 2008

Today kicks off the biggest sports tournament in Europe, the Euro 2008, pitting 16 national football teams against each other to see who is the best in Europe. And despite the fact that the tournament is hosted by Austria/Switzerland, you wouldn’t know it hanging out in Munich. Taking a page from their super successful World Cup, Germany is embracing the tournament as if it was their own. In fact, Germany is being picked by the odds makers to win the tournament (see sidebar). Go to any of the major beer gardens, and huge screens are set up to keep the party going. I’m convinced that Munich will look for any reason to party, and according to locals fussball is one of the best reasons. These boys gave an appropriate warm up in a make shift soccer field in Odeonsplatz. Fussball is everywhere!


Eve in Munich said...

Hi, I like your Munich blog. I have been reading through your posts and can relate to them. I just now started a Munich blog - even though I have been living in Munich for over 40 years! I traded for San Fernando Valley, Calif. It was a good trade!
Is there a way I can link from my blogspot to yours? Am I allowed to do that???? I am new at this.
Viele Gruesse, Eve

Troy said...

Hello Eve,
First of all, thank you for your nice words. I really appreciate it. In terms of linking, absolutely. It's actually great for people to link to your blog becuase it gives a path for new people to discover it, who would have not otherwise discovered it. In the customize section on blogspot, it gives you all kinds of options to link to other sites. If you run into any problems, just let me know. Finally - since you've been here for 40 years, you likely have some great insight for a new comer. I would welcome any suggestions you have on places to go explore and discover. Thank you.

babooshka said...

Germany do seem to be promoting this championship well. There were due to be caricatures of some of the players in the the Berlin underground but due to legal reasons they may not go ahead. My partner was one of the artisits. I have hundereds of these drawing now sat on my living room floor.

Good blog by the way,