Monday, June 2, 2008

Back Below Ground

Several weeks ago, I told you about this incredible network of trains that have become such a life blood of Munich. I wanted to bring you back underground once more because this is new territory for most Americans. Remove New York, D.C., San Francisco and there really is no such thing as mass transit in the US. Many cities may have good bus connections, but in Munich, for example, there is a well thought out mix of trains, busses and trams to take you just about anywhere in the city. A single ticket generally works on all forms of transportation. And those systems link into the suburban trains, regional trains, and make easy transport to and from the airport. In some ways, pubic transport becomes the great equalizer. Unlike many American cities, you have a mix of ethnic, cultural and socio-economic people travelling on public transport – and this makes it a true public service.

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