Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

A homeless man finds shelter from the wind and sun on a warm afternoon behind the Alte Pinakothek, one of the more well known museums in Munich. The museum generally hosts exhibits by the masters from the middle ages, but outside you get a real sense of here and now. Not just because of the homeless person, but because of the hundreds of people who play and rest on the grass around the museum. Despite the fact that Germany has an estimated 600,000 homeless, and an additional 250,000 homeless immigrants, I took this picture because it really was an exception. Beyond the Central Station and a few well-trafficked streets, the Homeless are not all that visible. In fact, this side of the building is usually crowded with University students and tired tourists exiting the museum.


USelaine said...

The monumental scale of the building details brings his "insignificance" into powerful relief. Like the dog on a recent Athens DPB post.

Eve in Munich said...

Answering your comment to my Lake Starnberg blog. Don´t really know where to place it. Placed it there AND here.
Hi Troy, try these recreation areas:
#1 North corner of lake -in Kempfenhausen. Lawns for sunbathing, food and drink, walking/biking trails etc.
#2 south on the east bank - very big recreation area in Ambach.
(Between 1 and 2 pretty much privately owned)
#3 is the big recreation area of Possenhofen on the west bank. There is a little beer garden and lots of shady trees. The nearby quaint but high class town of Starnberg is great. There you have cafés, a promanade, shops and much more.
#4 is a secluded area between the golf course in Feldafing and the shore. Some nice sunbathing lawns and a nice view of Rose Island (which can be visited).
There is so much more to tell about this lake. Too much for this little space! So I will have to do a detailed blog on it some day soon. Hope this helps a little though. Have a great time, Eve

smudgeon said...

I was in Germany for four weeks last year, but I didn't even know homelessness was an issue - we spent our first 2 weeks in Bavaria, 1 week of that in Munich. When we reached Berlin it suddenly became quite visible...

Ann (MobayDP) said...

Interesting. Come to think of it, I never saw any homeless people in Munich.

We too have this problem in Montego Bay. There are many people living on the streets and hardly enough shelters or facilities to help them.