Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bavarian Alpine Village

Well not exactly, as this picture was taken over the Isar on the Mariannenbrucke, but I love the Bavarian Alpine hats that the couple are wearing. And everyone knows Munich is more of a village than a city. These are very popular all over Bavaria, and even more so as you enter the mountains. The Church in the background is the Lutheran Saint Lukas Chruch, located along the Isar river and on the edge of the Lehel neighborhood. The inside of the church is just as beautiful as its exterior with a mix of early gothic, but heavy influences from the Rhineland.

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Eve in Munich said...

So true and witty too. You might want to catch a concert in this church (which is quite an experience.) So watch out for that. If I notice one coming up I will post it. Have a nice day, Eve