Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Narrow Perspective

I caught this glimpse of St. John’s Baptist church in Haidhausen through a narrow passage way that leads up to Johannisplatz, a large green open space that surrounds it. The church is one block away from the popular Weiner platz, and dominates the neighborhood of twisting streets. I find this neighborhood fascinating, and one of the most interesting around Munich. One for the great cafes and restaurants, two for the great apartments, and three for the characteristic French Quarter that surrounds the neighborhood. By the way, Germany beat Turkey today 3-2, their toughest opponent so far in the Euro 2008 tournament. On Sunday, they will meet the winner of the Spain/Russia game for the championship. Get ready for a big celebration!

1 comment:

headbang8 said...

The winner was Spain. Come Sunday, head for the hills!